Symmetree Orchard

Prairie Grown Fruit from a Family-run U-Pick

Great for eating fresh and baking these Northline Saskatoon Berries are packed full of flavor!

Picking Season: July to August
Amazing in pies and baked goods, full of antioxidants and so easy to pick.

Picking Season:  August to September
News and Updates!
Well, It was a somewhat abrupt end to a spectacular apple season. The wind and frost has taken care of the remaining apples. I wish it could have gone on longer. Looking forward to next year already!

​It was a great year at Symmetree with tons of people coming to the orchard. Thanks for all of your support and I hope to see you all next year!!
With over 20 varieties to choose from these apples will suit anyone's taste!

Picking Season: September to October

Welcome to Symmetree Orchard

Taste the Prairie Grown Difference and Visit our Saskatchewan U-pick Orchard today!
Saskatchewan can grow great fruit!  At our family-run U-Pick we offer Northline saskatoon berries, the Romance Series of University of Saskatchewan-developed dwarf sour cherries and over 20 varieties of wonderful prairie apples.

Our U-pick is a multi-generational activity that older folks and youngsters are able to enjoy together.  Whether you are 6 or 86, everyone will have fun experiencing the orchard and it's abundant fruit.  Our dwarf apple trees and other fruiting shrubs are height pruned for easy picking, no ladders required.  Taste the difference of prairie grown fruit!!
In brief, you should know the following about us: our orchard was established in 2004 and began bearing fruit in 2007.  We have been providing outstanding fresh fruit ever since. Our specialty is in making the freshest, most flavorful, healthy fruit available to you. Our regular customers particularly value our variety, the fact that we are available to answer any questions, and that we are a local business in Saskatchewan. Our orchard is located near the town of Luseland in West Central Saskatchewan.
Our orchard has over 600 cherry trees, 130 saskatoon bushes and 2600 apple trees.

We sell our Saskatoon Berries and Cherries by the gallon pail and our apples are sold in 5 or 10 pound bags.

Feel free to contact us for pricing, tips or any other information you would like!
A Great Experience for the Whole Family!


We began planting Symmetree Orchard in 2004, over the years it has been growing and producing incredible fruit.  Here are some photos from along the way...
  1. Kids having fun!!
    Kids having fun!!
    Symmetree Orchard 2011
  2. Bright red cherries
    Bright red cherries
    Symmetree Orchard 2016
  3. An Apple a Day...
    An Apple a Day...
    Symmetree Orchard 2015
  4. Growing Stages
    Growing Stages
    Symmetree Orchard 2013
  5. Golden and Delicious
    Golden and Delicious
    Symmetree Orchard 2015
  6. Welcome to the Orchard
    Welcome to the Orchard
    Symmetree Orchard 2013
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Please call, text or email for information or to set up a picking time.
Address: (52.081780, -109.502956) Luseland, Saskatchewan
Kim McKenzie

Cell Phone:   (306) 372 - 7600

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